Product Prices

Brand Name / Item Part Number FY17 Commercial Price FY17 GSA Price*
ReMOTe Table Pricelist
60″ x 30″ ReMOTe Table GRMTL060 $1,375.77 $1,183.49
72″ x 30″ ReMOTe Table GRMTL072 $1,490.72 $1,282.28
ReMOTe Table Accessories Pricelist
ReMOTe Table 3ft Power Cable (Required when more than one table is daisy-chained together) GRCBL003 $152.20 $130.33
ReMOTe Table 6ft Power Cable GRCBL006 $184.13 $160.11
ReMOTe Table 12ft Power Cable GRCLB012 $222.61 $193.57
ReMOTe Table 25ft Power Cable GRCBL025 $249.67 $217.11
ReMOTe Table 50ft Power Cable GRCBL050 $322.17 $275.86
ReMOTe Table Power Box Assembly GRPBA001 $610.13 $524.54
ReMOTe Table Accessory Storage Container GRASC001 $275.43 $236.85
ReMOTe Table Media Box Assembly GRMAB001 $4,094.12 $3,521.10
J-Cable Pricelist
J-Cable GJCBL001 $83.36 $71.39
*Prices include 0.75% Industrial Funding Fee.
Last Updated: October 12, 2016
To receive GSA Pricing, Buyer needs to be either a federal, state or local government agency or a contractor with authorization to utilize GSA Sources of Supply.

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