Since our inception in 1999, the Cyber Solutions Group has supported the intelligence community, research laboratories, test ranges, and armed services in all manners of scientific and technical intelligence. Our core competencies include Cyber Technology and Assessments, Foreign Material Exploitation, Modeling and Simulation, Weapon System Trainer Development, and Protective Technologies.

  • Cyber Technology and Assessments. CSG believes the US should dominate cyberspace just like we do in the physical domains of land, sea, air, and space and we are leveraging our exploitation, threat, and M&S experience to help ensure this outcome. We provide services and products such as Software Reverse Engineering, Vulnerability Assessments, Exploit Development, Cyber Tool Development, Modeling and Simulation, and flexible cyber friendly contracts.
  • Foreign Material Exploitation. CSG personnel have been involved in all the major foreign air defense exploitations since the 1970s to include command posts, air surveillance centers, radar processing centers, early warning radars, and fire control radars. We perform algorithm analysis, data link exploitation, capability/vulnerability analysis, and future capability prediction.
  • Modeling and Simulation. CSG developed a high fidelity modeling technique that allows an analysis team to exploit system capabilities and vulnerabilities in a laboratory environment. Our models support a variety of mission areas such as cyber analysis, electronic counter measures evaluation, electronic warfare, and country-level studies.
  • Protective Technologies. CSG is conducting research on technologies to protect devices against radiation and vibrational reverse engineering attacks by packaging the technologies in a portable multi-layered volume protection product and harvesting the energy created from an attack to power the protection system.
  • Weapon System Trainer Development. CSG designs, builds, deploys, and maintains weapon system trainers that integrate simulated sensors with actual tactical software and hardware to provide a low-cost environment for individual operator and collective task training.