Once a Quarter Training with Executive Coaching In-between – One Year Program

Immersed Interventions

Customized executive development will expand thinking capacity, create a common leadership language, and results in a shared deep learning experience.

Over 12 months, the Expanding Boundaries program will include two personalized assessments per person, four 2-day courses, four 1:1 coaching sessions per person, and four mentoring socials.

By administering pre-event organizational assessments, facilitating with high-level expertise and professionalism, using experiential learning techniques, fostering critical thinking, promoting a rich learning environment, hosting mentoring socials, and conducting post-event one-on-one executive coaching, we ensure individuals and teams apply the skills they learn in the classroom after returning to the workplace.

Pre-Event Assessments

We offer several behavioral, personality, and strengths tools for assessing communication styles, developing leadership skills, and building team effectiveness. Let us help your leaders achieve high-performance results.

Learning Event

Our goal is to successfully and effectively meet your organizational development learning objectives. Choose any combination from the topics to the right to customize your specific program.

Post-Event Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions follow training to promote application and sustainable results.

Contact Radiance University

For questions or to schedule an appointment to discuss External Training, contact Ms. Lane Fabby, Chancellor of Radiance University and Assistant Vice President of Learning and Development, at Lane.Fabby@radiancetech.com.