Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) is the information obtain for a particular geographical location through the exploitation of imagery and geospatial data. GEOINT uses overhead imagery from various Electro Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) sensors (images) combined with imagery analysis (determining what is in the image) and other geospatial data (characteristic reference information for the location, e.g. elevation, road and utility networks, vegetation, population, geodetic data, etc.). This combination provides the situational awareness of what is occurring or changing at a particular location.

GEOINT is the combination and integration of a variety of multiple data sources. There is a plethora of open-source geospatial data repositories. Listed below are some of the available data sources but there are many others. For the Innovation Bowl competition, teams my use their own data and/or any of those listed below. There are also numerous commercial services that provide data for a fee. Radiance Technologies and the Independence Bowl Foundation do not provide funding for acquiring data and therefore it is up to the team to decide whether they want to incur any data cost. GEOINT is a combination of a lot of different data sources as can be seen from the list below. More information concerning data will be provided at the initial coordination meeting.

Data Sources

Proprietary (fee based)