Billions of people rely on microelectronics components every day for crucial services and applications such as online banking, health care, building automation, internet of things (IoT) applications, semi-autonomous vehicles, mobile devices, and infrastructure management. The U.S. military also uses commercially available microelectronics components in systems vital to national security, requiring commercial off-the-shelf products to reduce acquisition cost.

Microelectronics Security

Since 2005, Radiance has been actively researching and developing multiple engineering disciplines for microelectronics security. We are uniquely positioned with significant expertise in this rapidly-expanding business area to offer capabilities in every aspect of microelectronics.

Microelectronics Hardware Assurance

Radiance actively researches and develops many microelectronics technology areas that address gaps in security and acquisition. The first gap involves hardware assurance, which assures our customers and warfighters that the “brains” in our system components do not contain intentional or unintentional nefarious circuitry. Hardware assurance also ensures that the components our U.S. weapon systems use are from the original supplier and not counterfeit parts. We provide our customers with the mechanisms for securely monitoring changes in the supply chain process, including post-production fielding and sustainment.

Internet of Things and Transportation Security

Our company works to increase security for embedded systems and sensors comprising IoT devices in the DoD supply chain. As part of this work and research, we established the Radiance Internet of Things and Transportation Security (RIOTTS) laboratory, which consists of a variety of electronic lab equipment and specialized devices. This environment enables in-depth characterization and systematic exploration of IoT devices and systems using both traditional cyber techniques and advanced reverse engineering processes. RIOTTS houses a suite of state-of-the-art electronics laboratory equipment for advanced characterization, testing, and analysis of a wide range of components, devices, and systems. The equipment also allows us to develop and evaluate cutting-edge security solutions for our customers across many domain.