Processing Exploitation & Dissemination Support (PED)
Sat EquipPED nodes provide our customers with the infrastructure necessary to execute a full spectrum of operations. These operations range from national to tactical levels, particularly in the realm of full-motion video (FMV) products. Radiance-designed PED architectures and sustainment operations permit commanders to leverage collected imagery and geospatial data from robust airborne imaging assets to support real-time warfighting decisions. In providing PED support, Radiance designs the communications support architecture, integrates and installs hardware systems, and conducts sustainment support for long-term reliability.
Communications Architecture

Radiance ensures high-quality communications solutions designed and integrated to provide maximum benefits for each customer’s respective operation. Our experts focus on extending the value of each communications investment by working within our customer’s communications strategy and technology roadmap.

Systems Engineering/Systems Integration
ARSTRadiance follows an interdisciplinary process to ensure that our customer’s needs are satisfied throughout a system’s entire life cycle. From designing and managing multiple Aerial Reconnaissance Support Team (ARST) nodes in Afghanistan to building a customer-based Systems Integration Laboratory, our proven skills and procedures ensure a successful solution to complex system requirements. We help our customers identify problems; investigate alternatives; model system solutions; integrate, launch, and assess the product; and re-evaluate the process for optimum performance.
Information Assurance and Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process  (DIACAP)
FT Hood ARSTRadiance Information Assurance personnelenact measures that protect and defend information and information systems to ensure their availability, integrity, authentication, and confidentiality. Our experts apply DIACAP standards to assist the customer with certification and accreditation of DoD information systems to maintain a viable Information Assurance posture throughout the system’s life cycle.
Logistics and Electronic Maintenance Services
DJC2 SuiteRadiance provides logistics and electronic maintenance solutions for economical, efficient, and reliable project execution. Our goal is to provide expertise, integrity, and diligence to meet the customer’s logistics, electronic maintenance, and supply chain needs. We provide worldwide services for all aspects of acquisition, inventory control, transport, electronic sustainment, and logistics projects.
Subject Matter Experts: Signals Intelligence, Imagery Intelligence, Measurement and Signature Intelligence, Geospatial Intelligence<
CH-AnalystRadiance provides Subject Matter Experts across a wide range of intelligence disciplines to multiple customers in the military community. Radiance experts are exceptionally qualified to assist our customers in planning, evaluating, executing, and managing intelligence operations to support tactical and strategic level domains.
Program Management
program-managementThe world’s most sophisticated intelligence programs demand successful strategies and innovative solutions. Our highly experienced Radiance program management staff is fully prepared to meet this demand by providing leadership services at the highest levels set by our customers. We provide our customers with management and control of critical major capital programs across the globe. Some of these services include intelligence collection, processing, dissemination, analysis, training coordination, infrastructure, environmental, facilities design, and systems sustainment.