Radiance is committed to continually enhancing all products and services and to positioning ourselves as a quality leader in the commercial, defense, and aerospace sectors.  To accomplish these goals, we have established and currently maintain an ISO 9001:2008 with AS9100:2009 Rev C certified Quality Management System (QMS). These certified processes have been used to provide quality products to a multitude of customers in the aerospace, defense, and commercial industries and have led to customer loyalty and continued process improvement. The Radiance scope of certification is defined as “engineering support services and products for the U.S. Government and its various agencies, including the Department of Defense and NASA, and commercial customers in the area of Software, Hardware, and Systems Development” specifically pertaining to the research, design, manufacture, production, testing, and development of aviation, ground, space, and support equipment as required by contract requirements.

This AS9100 QMS system is used to document our best business practices, better satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers, and improve the overall management of the company. The system and its effectiveness is maintained and continually improved through the use of the quality policy, quality objectives, audit results, analysis of data, corrective and preventive action, and management review.

Radiance strictly adheres to its certified AS9100C Quality Assurance processes and procedures for all product deliveries.

Radiance Technologies will take the following steps to demonstrate compliance with a good faith effort in achieving small business subcontracting goals:

Radiance Technologies will insert FAR clause 52.219-8, Utilization of Small Business Concerns, and as prescribed in FAR 19.708(a), in solicitations and subcontracts when the subcontract amount is expected to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold except for (1) personal service subcontracts, or (2) subcontracts that, including all subcontracts hereunder, will be performed entirely outside any state, territory, or possession of the United States, the District of Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or (3) small business.  In addition, Radiance Technologies will include the FAR clause 52.219-9 Small Business Subcontracting Plan in solicitations and subcontracts that (1) offer subcontracting possibilities, (2) are expected to exceed $700,000, and (3) are required to include the FAR clause 52.219-8, Utilization of Small Business Concerns unless the acquisition has been set aside or is to be accomplished under the 8(a) program. Radiance Technologies will make every effort, to the extent known and practicable, in every solicitation as applicable.

These steps will be negotiated with the contracting officer prior to approval of the plan. Radiance Technologies understands that this Subcontracting Plan will be made a material part of the contract and that the submission of the SF 294 and SF 295 will be made a line item deliverable in the contract.