Radiance is pleased to announce our first Radiance Gives grant recipient for 2022, the Huntsville Inner City Learning Center (HICLC)!

The Huntsville Inner City Learning Center is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to providing at-risk children in the Huntsville area with the extracurricular support they need to succeed in school, build meaningful lives and careers for themselves, and become socially responsible members of society who are productive and competent lifelong learners. The HICLC accomplishes this by maintaining a stable and dependable learning environment, serving as a positive leadership force in the community, providing all students with quality educational assistance, addressing the aspirations and abilities of all students, modeling the behaviors expected from students toward others and their environment, empowering students to make choices in their learning process, and recognizing the worth, dignity and leadership capacity of every individual.

This grant will go to assist the HICLC with furthering their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) program by building a STEAM Room in their facility. Upgrades to their space will help house 3-D printers, laptops, and other furnishings as well as position the Center to add an after-school program for high school students. For more information on the Huntsville Inner City Learning Center, or to donate or volunteer, please go to https://www.hiclc.org/.

Mike Marcel, Radiance Employee-Owner, has been volunteering with the HICLC for the past three years and accompanied Radiance Gives on their visit. “Helping a child achieve their dreams and get excited about new things really keeps me coming back. As a math tutor, I really enjoy seeing things “click” with these kids when we are doing homework! This is such a great organization, and I’m proud to be a part of a company that gives the way Radiance does,” he says.

About Radiance Gives
Radiance Gives was established in 2022 and is an employee-run charitable organization benefiting the communities where we work and live. For more information on Radiance Gives or to apply for a grant, please visit https://www.radiancetech.com/radiance-gives.