We provide intelligence analysis and warfighter support to the DoD and Intelligence Community, enabling effective military operations to protect our troops from harm. We specialize in intelligence analysis of threat systems across the land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace domains. We use our expertise in engineering, technical data analysis, and exploitation, to help our customers assess the operational capabilities, performance, effectiveness, and vulnerabilities of foreign weapon systems and activities. 

Technical Intelligence

Radiance provides deep engineering expertise that spans the entire spectrum of technical intelligence disciplines including GEOINT, MASINT, OSINT, HUMINT, SIGINT, ACINT, and METOC. We perform analysis, production and research and development, environmental support, sensor exploitation, modeling and simulation, analytical tool development, training and operational support. We also provide software development, system and network administration, and enterprise-level cloud services needed by our customers. We’re an industry leader in developing new tools and applying ML to data processing, structuring and storing geospatial and signature information system data for automation and efficiency, trending and predictive analysis using custom software and databases, and creating scripts and workflows for dissemination, analysis, and AI/ML.

All-Source Analysis

We understand the analytic context of the Intelligence Community’s all-source analysis mission to discover new adversary weapon systems, learn how they work, and help the military find ways to defeat them. We have deep expertise in weapon systems, sub-system technologies, algorithms, and military systems and operations. We have performed scientific and technical intelligence analysis and production, analytic tool development, training, and research and development. Our employee-owners bring the technical knowledge, tradecraft, and proficiency to characterize the capabilities, performance, and vulnerabilities of advanced weapon systems.  


For over 20 years, Radiance has been on the cutting edge of hardware and software exploitation, with a strong focus on weapon systems and closed proprietary networks. We provide our clients with deep engineering expertise in hardware and software reverse engineering and exploitation. We leverage our experience to perform in-depth analysis on system capabilities as well as to discover, identify, detect, and analyze vulnerabilities. Our employee-owners are experts in detailed vulnerability assessments for weapon systems, technologies, platforms, and vehicles.

Analytic Tools and Infrastructure

Radiance provides solutions to data management, tool development, systems and network administration, and tool development and sustainment efforts. We design and develop Enterprise Architectures that enable modernization and growth while supporting legacy applications. Our tools and infrastructures support production workflows, providing automation and state-of-the-art discovery and analysis capabilities. We design powerful and flexible analysis environments with comprehensive suites of analytic tools. Our innovative and intuitive toolsets make it easier to perform analytic tasks, view systems and data in many ways, and create meaningful insights. From ML to cloud processing, we bring powerful data analytics so your workforce can tackle high priority events.

Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis

Modeling, simulation, and analysis (MS&A) enables our customers to predict performance, evaluate options, increase confidence levels, or reduce field test time and costs. We help our customers design, operate, and maintain sophisticated MS&A architectures using our experience in scientific computing, cyber security, statistical analysis, and system administration. We also leverage our expertise in All-Source analysis and system exploitation to develop and integrate models ranging from high-fidelity engineering models to basic parametric representations. We work closely with our customers to create and update models that accurately represent assessments of real-world systems, new concepts, and represent desired performance for every scenario environmental factor required. Radiance also supports campaign level down through mission and high-fidelity modeling studies by performing a range of MS&A tasks including model performance validation, design of experiments, analysis of alternatives, big data exfiltration, post-processing and documentation. Our experimentation-based solutions leverage simulation generated data to support mission-oriented designs, evaluate tactics and countermeasures, quantify performance, wargame and visualize scenarios, and inform mission and life-cycle costing.

Intelligence Mission Data

Radiance combines our expertise and innovative tools, advanced algorithms, and new techniques to support our customers’ Intelligence Mission Data efforts. Across the data analysis and exploitation spectrum, we deliver research and development, analysis and production, software sustainment and development, systems network and administration, enterprise architecture design, and data services. In each of these areas, Radiance provides a “customer first” approach to deliver high-quality and high-value products to our partners throughout the Intelligence Community.

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

Radiance supports the entire spectrum of tactical ISR services, from intelligence sensor development to operational employment and training. We specialize in C4ISR operations and focus on advanced technology integration and support during the entire life cycle of the program, including software development, integration of intelligence systems, and system sustainment. We provide SIGINT and GEOINT (including LiDAR, and Wide Area Persistent Surveillance) analytical subject matter experts to both conventional and special operations forces supporting overseas contingency operations. Radiance analysts conduct worldwide expeditionary and remote ISR, and associated TCPED-F of collected intelligence in support of Army Unified Land Operations and Joint requirements. In addition, our trainers provide ground-based training simulators and PED systems to include high-fidelity simulations of in-aircraft workstations, saving countless hours of flight time and allow troops to experience environments that would be otherwise impossible or unsafe.