Who We Are


Radiance is a proud employee-owned company! Employee-ownership has benefits to our customers and workforce. We are singularly focused on providing our customers with game-changing solutions to their most challenging requirements.

Our Culture

Radiance’s culture is driven by our commitment to our customers and our employee-owners. Our employee-owners thrive on entrepreneurship, empowerment, and mutual responsibility for growth and sustainability. Our culture consists of individuals who embody technical and leadership skills to deliver superior solutions to the nation’s toughest technical challenges. We believe building trust and credibility with our customers leads to long-term results. We invest in a superior technical workforce where leaders are developed, innovation is encouraged, and achievements are recognized. We seek innovative ways to improve, experiment, take risks, foster collaboration, and empower our employee-owners.


Our values drive our culture, business model, and daily interactions. These values constantly remind us of who we are and what we do. Our employee-owners influence how we operate our business. We relentlessly pursue operating excellence by innovating, improving our processes, and reducing waste. We believe in being wise and ethical stewards of capital and resources.

Our values dictate how we interact with each other and our customers, partners, and suppliers. Honesty, trust, humanity, alignment, and value creation require that we treat our employees with dignity and respect and provide them with fair compensation and equal employment opportunity.

We believe in connecting with our communities and have a responsibility to be good corporate citizens, and we believe in sustainable business practices, which include supporting the environment and the communities in which we work.

Community Commitment

Our Leadership

Our Executive Leadership Team cultivates a positive company culture and drives the strategic direction fostering innovative solutions and high-performance – ultimately benefiting our warfighters.


We will always prioritize partnering with you to enhance your mission over enhancing our bottom line
Our employee-owners can be trusted and they trust their teammates to do the “right thing”
We will always endeavor to provide solutions to what others call impossible


Committed to providing innovative solutions for defense, intelligence, and civilian customers’ advanced challenges, our employee-owners support customers in various locations across the nation. We bring together people with remarkable technical abilities and deep knowledge of customer missions.


Radiance began its operation in 1999. Our goal when forming the company was to be 100% employee-owned, work in a team environment, focus on technology, and be operationally relevant. We wanted our employees to be motivated, share in company growth, and have the flexibility to pursue opportunities of interest to them. Based on what we envisioned, Radiance has been a success!

George Clark, John Dennis, Scott Dublin, and Paul Fileger launched operations in a 3,000 square foot facility in Executive Plaza in Huntsville, AL with folding card tables and chairs as our office furniture and an initial subcontract supporting the U.S. Army SMDC through the NRC SETAC contract. By calendar year’s end, we had grown to 11 employees and outgrew our initial office space. By the end of 2003, we had 117 employees and relocated our first corporate headquarters at 350 Wynn Drive. Throughout 2020, our employee-owners have grown to almost 1000 employees and we have increased our operations and customer support presence to ten locations across eight states. To accommodate our tremendous growth and company success, we moved into our new corporate headquarters at 310 Bob Heath Drive in January 2020.

Our phenomenal growth and the success we have enjoyed are directly attributable to our employees – still our most important asset!