We care about you now, we care about you in the future! 

Ownership has benefits to our Employee-Owners’ careers, lives, and futures.

Everyone who joins Radiance becomes a shareholder and benefits as the company succeeds.


Our ESOP provides tangible/long-term results for employee-owners, resulting in future security.


Employee-owners doing something that brings satisfaction, joy, purpose to your career and life.

Radiance is a proud employee-owned company! Employee-ownership benefits both our customers and workforce, and ensures that Radiance doesn’t have to answer to stockholders or be driven by quarterly earnings reports. Thus, Radiance will always prioritize enhancing our customer’s mission over expanding our bottom line. We are singularly focused on providing our customers with game-changing solutions to their most challenging requirements. This is only possible because employee-ownership attracts the highest quality employees, empowers them to identify capability enhancements, and provides them with the freedom to take risks to deliver high-quality solutions. Employee-ownership also provides tangible and long-term financial security for our people and their families. Therefore, employee-ownership embodies participation, empowerment, freedom, teaming, excellence, accountability, mission focus, and security.