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About Radiance University

Radiance University serves as a continuing education training provider for our employees, industry partners, and Government customers by providing professional development opportunities that are critical to the competitive advantage of our nation. The changing battle space and capabilities of our foreign adversaries require our employees and Government customers to constantly train in new and innovative areas to stay informed of all improvements, changes, and methods of operation.

Learning Formats
  • Classroom
  • Online
  • Blended
  • Customized
Learning Types
  • Lecture Based
  • Experiential
  • Social
  • Micro

Target Audience

For engineers, scientists, technologists, and logisticians to provide better support to the Government. Training designed for both Radiance employees and external customers already working in industry and Government, to develop skills, close competency gaps, and enhance performance.

Subject Areas

    • Advanced Technologies

    • Business Management

    • Cyber

    • Engineering

    • Leadership Development

Our Aim

  • Quality unclassified and classified training opportunities.

  • Pertinent skill development by position and level.

  • Professional learning environment to exchange ideas and approaches.

  • Quick and easy access to valuable educational content.

  • Custom-tailored professional development programs.

Continuing Education

Exam Preps, Certifications, Short Courses, Programs, Seminars, Workshops, Webinars, Lunch & Learns, Tech Talks, Leadership Series

“We look forward to growing leaders, empowering our employee-owners, and positioning our company for growth.”

Bill Bailey


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