Radiance provides AFSIM Support Training for the current Government-approved AFSIM version with a selected User or Developer course track for up to 24 students at your CONUS location, to be scheduled during the 2020 time-frame.

AFSIM Support Training includes:
  • An unclassified AFSIM Training class for either a three or four day period depending on the course selected. Radiance and the requester will negotiate specific dates subject to the duration of the selected course, requestor preference, and instructor availability.
  • Radiance will provide one (1) Radiance-owned laptop computer for use in instruction.
  • All AFSIM Training materials will be provided in electronic form prior to the start of class.
AFSIM Support Training is limited to the following:
  • A student to Instructor ratio of no more than 12:1 for up to 24 students
  • Requestor will provide the room and space required to host the training
  • Requestor will provide one (1) projector with VGA or HDMI connector for instructor use
  • Requestor will provide all computers and equipment for students to use
  • Requestor will ensure all student computers meet minimum AFSIM hardware standards
  • Course scheduling will be limited to Monday-Friday, 0800-01700 hours

The product specification is “AFSIM User Training” or “AFSIM Developer Training,” defined by Government-approved materials.

Selected course is valid for a CONUS location through the dates as specified above. Applicable Sales Tax may apply.

We will have four course options of the current Government-approved AFSIM version for training.

Prices are good for 2020

Interested in scheduling a class?