About the Leadership Series

In keeping with Radiance’s rich history of fostering leaders and creating an entrepreneurial spirit, we offer a quarterly Radiance Leadership Series. Stay tuned for future guest speakers/topics!

Building Winning Teams That Last

What does a winning team look like these days?  How do you build a winning team that lasts for the long haul?  There are several factors that go into building a strong, effective and “winning” team in business.  As leaders, it is our responsibility to do just that.  Let’s explore a few things that can be essential in building your winning team through strengths-based leadership, clear communication, mentoring/training of key talent and much more.

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Ms. Rita Hill

Executive Vice President – National Security Sector

Past Leadership Series

 Dr. Marc Bendickson

Leadership in an ESOP Environment

While leadership principles in general apply to most any organization, Dr. Bendickson believes there are some unique requirements and opportunities in an ESOP organization that can benefit from focused attention. Learn the positive attributes of an ESOP organization that generally lead to increased levels of employee engagement. Explore the the increase in expectations that management should expect from all employees. Understand how these two organizational dynamics place additional leadership responsibilities on the entire management team.

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Servant Leadership

Learn that servant leaders don’t deny their power — they recognize that it passes through them. Explore how servant leaders make the world a better place through making real-time decisions as they interact with others at work, at home, and in the community. When people are well served by their leaders, they in turn serve their customers well. A well-served customer is a repeat customer, which creates a healthy bottom line. Gain a deeper understanding of how doing good and serving others is good for business.

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Mr. Bill Bailey

CEO of Radiance Technologies


LTG Joseph Cosumano Jr. (ret)

Leading in a Complex World

Leading in a Complex World explore the timeless basics of leadership. Learn the importance of relationships, how to set standards, communicate clear expectations, lead by example, and leverage generational differences.

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