Programmatic Services
Programmatic Services
Radiance conducts independent studies and analyses of technology options to determine the best technical approach regarding operational requirements, performance parameters, and employment strategies to provide appropriate recommendations for the employment of a total system solution for theoretical concepts or to meet the evolving applications of current systems. Furthermore, Radiance possesses an in-depth knowledge of the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System (PPBES) process; the development of Program Objective Memorandum (POM) submissions.
Program Management
Radiance provides focused and effective management of programs across service, research and development, and procurement domains. We also offer our customers, across the DoD, Government, and Commercial sectors, agile and responsive support tailored to individual program requirements. Our experienced program managers, DoD-approved contracting and procurement systems, and diverse technical staff enable us to exceed customer expectations through the management of programs spanning the acquisition and R&D lifecycle.
Aviation System Logistics Services
aviation logistics servicesRadiance provides a full spectrum of quality logistics and system integration support throughout a system’s lifecycle for our commercial and DoD customers. Our staff of seasoned aviation and transportation planning logisticians provides the focus and dedication to meet complex customer requirements from initial logistics program planning through the system design, manufacture, provisioning, transportation, and field support essential for program success. Moreover, we provide our CONUS and OCONUS customers with agile, flexible, and responsive logistics as well as weapon system integration support in a timely and professional manner.
Aviation System Engineering and Integration
Aviation System Engineering

To reduce total ownership cost, the Radiance team provides the multi-disciplined skill sets necessary to design, develop, and implement aircraft upgrade and modification solutions to address the operational requirements and capabilities of our DoD and commercial customers in a constrained budget environment.

  • Extended Service Life
  • Sensor Design, Development, and Integration
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Logistics Systems
  • System Modification
  • Trade Studies
  • Platform Integration
  • Rapid Prototyping
Advanced Algorithms
Radiance designs, implements, and tests multi-sensor (RF/IR/Vis), multi-platform data fusion algorithms, advancing the state of the art in advanced techniques to support a single integrated picture of battlespace. Our innovations provide a multi-sensor, multi-geometry picture of threat scenarios, wherein our algorithms adapt to changes in operational environments and threats by applying knowledge from one sensor to networked sensors. Our algorithms also offer potential enhanced performance and risk reduction for C2BMC and Ballistic Missile Defense RF and EOIR sensor elements. In addition, these algorithms provide potential technology infusion to intelligent systems that deal with nonlinear behavior, such as remote fire detection systems, infrared motion detection systems, robotics, and hazardous material detection.
Modeling and Simulation Support
Modeling Simulation Support

Radiance delivers modeling and simulation support services for weapon systems, sensors, lethal effects, and propagation phenomenology. We develop simulation support plans and perform independent verification and validation (IV&V) for government maintained modeling assets.  Radiance will utilize government accredited models and simulation to perform concept trade studies, performance assessment, and sensitivity analysis.  Radiance has the subject matter expertise on staff to assess the capability of a modeling asset to perform a required assessment  and to recommend the most cost effective path forward in developing accurate analysis products from customer modeling and simulation assets and data.