Radiance Technologies provides an end-to-end prototyping and production process, including the analysis, design, development, manufacture, deployment, and sustainment of military hardware systems. One such system is the Radiance-developed WeaponWatch optical sensor system for force protection applications on both ground-based and airborne platforms. Radiance also supports force protection missions via both hybrid power systems providing efficient power generation to resource-limited deployed troops as well as non-lethal vehicle disabling systems at security checkpoints.

  • Engineering Analysis and Design
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Optical
  • Embedded Systems Hardware and Firmware Design
  • Algorithm Development


  • US Army Space and Missile Defense Command (USASMDC)
  • US Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM)
  • US Army Aviation Applied Technology Directorate (AATD)
  • US Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC)
  • Communications-Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC)
  • Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD)