Radiance Technologies is pleased to name Mr. Jerry Skievaski as Vice President, Executive Chief of Staff for the CEO.

Mr. Skievaski boasts an impressive 23-year tenure at Radiance, during which he has held diverse roles including software developer, reverse engineer, program manager, and various department directorships. In 2015, he was promoted to Assistant Vice President as the Corporate Information and Compliance Officer (CICO). In this capacity, Mr. Skievaski oversaw the IT Department, Corporate Security, Facilities, and ITAR issues for potential expansion into overseas markets. In 2019, his focus shifted to overseeing the construction of facilities across all Radiance locations and assisting the security teams in obtaining the appropriate accreditations for those facilities.

As Executive Chief of Staff, Mr. Skievaski will supervise various initiatives aimed at ensuring consideration of Radiance leadership’s priorities. He will work towards enhancing the efficiency of executive decision-making by securing the availability of accurate information while also contributing to the optimization of leadership’s time. In addition to his continued oversight of facilities, he will assume responsibility for the Marketing Department, where he will support marketing, communications, company branding, and Radiance events.

“Jerry is uniquely qualified for this job because of his long history with the company and our history of working together. Look, he has been doing many of these things in an unofficial capacity for many years, and now he gets an opportunity to do it officially,” said Radiance CEO Bill Bailey. “He has seen us grow from 15 employees/$2M to over 1000/$400M. He may actually love Radiance more than I do; he understands Radiance’s culture and history, and he puts those factors at the forefront of his decision-making process. He has also been extremely active in Radiance philanthropic efforts over the years and has a tremendous desire to give back to the company and the community.”

Mr. Skievaski graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering in 1982. He advanced his formal education in 2019 when Radiance University established a partnership with Auburn University Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering to offer an online Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree to full-time employees-owners. As one of the initial enrollees of that program, he graduated in 2022 with a MEM, Product Innovation. Mr. Skievaski and his wife Cathy currently reside in Huntsville, Alabama. They have three daughters and eight grandchildren, five of which live in Huntsville.