HUNTSVILLE, Ala., March 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Radiance University at Radiance Technologies, Inc. has launched a new mentoring program to assist employee-owners in meeting their career goals, develop their leadership abilities, and optimize the Radiance professional experience. “We believe that helping employees integrate into our culture will promote high performance and produce sustainable results. We owe our employees-owners the best we can give for what they do for our company, our warfighters, and our nation,” says Bill Bailey, CEO of Radiance.

The program was established this month and allows mentees to choose their mentors. Through careful, thoughtful, and deliberate design, experienced personnel who have been trained in leadership development and mentoring will provide mentees a professional, educational, and personal support system.

Goals of the program:

  1. To support employee-owners in understanding Radiance’s culture
  2. To share the skills and knowledge of successful professionals with employees
  3. To provide support in locating and accessing Radiance’s resources and resource persons
  4. To foster open communication and dialogue
  5. To provide motivation for job performance, creativity, and the acceptance of responsibility with confidence
  6. To bring employee-owners together to establish a network of professionals within the organization

This strategic initiative will help foster an engaged and learning culture of employee-owners who are committed to the company’s success. The program was designed by Lane Fabby, Chancellor of Radiance University, and will provide employee-owners an exciting opportunity to promote positive relationships that will serve them both professionally and personally.

Mentors are provided a Mentoring Program Handbook that outlines roles and responsibilities of the mentor and mentee. After completing its pilot phase, the program will be available to all employee-owners across 13 locations in nine states.

About Radiance Technologies, Inc.
Radiance Technologies is an employee-owned small business prime contractor founded in 1999. Radiance has over 850 employee-owners across the United States serving the Department of Defense, national intelligence community, and other government agencies. From concepts to capabilities, Radiance leads the way in developing customer-focused solutions in the areas of cyber security, systems engineering, prototyping and integration as well as operational and strategic intelligence including scientific and technical intelligence.