Analysts:  Signals Intelligence, Imagery Intelligence, Measurement and Signature Intelligence, Geospatial Intelligence
Signals Intelligence UAVRadiance provides multi-disciplined Intelligence Analysts that span a wide field of technical applications from national agency staff positions to forward-deployed intelligence analytical teams in support of warfighter requirements. Our teams are responsible for analysis, reporting, database management and dissemination of varied products, briefings, and reports. We develop targeting products, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) threat network nodal analysis, and all-source exploitation of documents and media. Our analysis work is integral to researching, developing, presenting, and publishing all-source intelligence products from national to tactical and operational levels as part of an overall analytical team.
Field Service Representative Support
Field Service RepresentativeRadiance provides highly trained, exceptionally qualified field service representatives (FSRs) and Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) professionals many of which are deployed around the world to support varied operations from intelligence and communications support to installation services used with software similar to this field service management software.

The FSR and CLS teams help maintain military readiness and operational effectiveness by performing the following duties:


  • Integrated field service representative support
  • Full equipment life cycle support
  • Multiple equipment support
  • First line fault finding and repair
  • Equipment testing and upgrades
  • Fault reporting and analysis
  • Software and firmware upgrades
  • Full equipment installation
  • Operator training at all troop levels as required
  • 24-hour support as needed
  • Technical reachback to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Moore Hood trainingRadiance equips a highly qualified staff to provide training services on a variety of complex systems from intelligence operations to technical centers with full-motion video (FMV) feeds to support wartime operations. Radiance provides training support that ensures fully capable and effective soldiers, sailors, and airmen for each operation. We provide highly qualified personnel to plan and assess customer needs, and to equip the force with current curricula and required training devices. We manage and coordinate training programs to produce tactics, techniques, and procedures for new products and training scenarios.
Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance Support
Systems Engineering and technical assistance supportRadiance supports our customers by planning, prioritizing, coordinating and scheduling projects and activities based on existing intelligence requirements and long term goals and objectives. Our program-level SETA support is provided over all functional areas of the C4ISR requirements for our Army and Air Force customers.
Radiance delivers a secure, integrated technology and management approach as part of an overall US Army Intelligence and Security Command service that supports intelligence requirements worldwide.
Information Technology
Information technology supportRadiance Information Technology (IT) experts provide our employees with the information and applications required to effectively perform day-to-day job functions. Our IT specialists create programming products and maintain critical tailored systems to further improve the quality of our services, which include enterprise infrastructure, security integration and change, and configuration and release management.