Huntsville, ALA. – Radiance University at Radiance Technologies, Inc. is partnering with the Auburn University Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering to offer a fully online Master of Engineering Management (MEM) Cohort Program to full-time employee-owners. The inaugural cohort begins Spring 2020 and will be a unique opportunity using live streaming technology. With the changing landscape of higher education, Radiance is paving the way to upskilling their workforce.

Employee-owners joining the cohort are not required to have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, and if all the requirements throughout the course of the program are met, they will be fully reimbursed for their tuition per semester. “The collaborative nature of cohort instructional models has a history of success, and we are excited to offer this opportunity for professional development and personal growth,” says Ms. Lane Fabby, Chancellor of Radiance University.

The MEM degree allows employees who are currently working in an engineering-related field to expand their career potential and earn a degree that will pay dividends toward their future—all while continuing their current path without having to take a break. The MEM program offers a business management approach to engineering with a technical specialization. There are four specialization options available: (1) Systems Engineering; (2) Manufacturing; (3) Occupational Safety & Ergonomics; and (4) Product Innovation.

“From our perspective, offering our employee-owners the chance to earn a master’s degree through Auburn is an easy decision. When more Radiance employees hold advanced degrees, thereby enhancing their skills and knowledge, it gives us a competitive advantage as a company and helps us recruit and retain high-quality talent,” says Chancellor Fabby.

Radiance has high expectations for this collaboration as the Auburn Engineering Online program is ranked 12th among online engineering programs nationally by U.S. News and World Report, and the college’s Master of Engineering Management program, specifically, is ranked 5th in the nation by Best College Review.

About Radiance Technologies, Inc.

Radiance Technologies is an employee-owned small business prime contractor founded in 1999. Radiance has over 860 employee-owners across the United States serving the Department of Defense, U.S. Intelligence Community, and other Government agencies. From concepts to capabilities, Radiance leads the way in developing customer-focused solutions in the areas of cyber security, systems engineering, prototyping, and integration as well as operational and strategic intelligence including scientific and technical intelligence.

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