Hardware Engineering
Radiance not only designs and develops mechanical and electrical hardware, but also maintains an in-house optical design capability. Moreover, to protect sensor systems deployed by Radiance, each system is housed in a custom-designed enclosure that provides protection from environmental elements, such as extreme ambient temperatures and other factors, such as rough handling. The high-speed processing component Circuit Card Assemblies are custom designed, in house, to process sensor data at extremely high rates.
Software Development – Application
software-dudeOur hardware systems, which are developed for the unique needs of each program, are monitored and controlled by application-specific software. Flexible displays, data messages, and interfaces allow our systems to interface with existing architectures (e.g., AFATDS, DCGS-A, CMP, etc.), platforms, and response systems.
Algorithm Development
algorithm-screensRPPG’s advanced Algorithm Development capabilities have positioned Radiance ahead of competitors in product intelligence and decision-making ability. Typically developed for real-time systems, our algorithms process high-speed video, compensate for platform motion, and transmit targeting cues to cooperative platforms.
Pulsed Power Systems
DirectStrike-on-groundRadiance has a wide breadth of experience with high-output pulsed power transmission systems, which has led to the development of the longest-lasting, least expensive, and most efficient electrical vehicle stopper, Direct Strike. The same efforts also yielded remote IED detection and other disabling systems.
Embedded Systems
embedded-chip-solderThe Radiance Embedded Systems group produces state-of-the-art embedded systems, built around Field-programmable Gate Arrays, Power PCs, and other chip-based processing solutions. In addition to controlling our WeaponWatch, IRMD, and Imaging solutions, the embedded systems permit real-time video processing and weapon event detection.
Manufacturing_85Radiance possesses a full range of mechanical and electrical manufacturing capabilities. Our Machine Shop boasts three CNC milling centers, including 5-axis capability and CNC turning; a certified welding instructor; and a certified IPC trainer for the Electrical Shop to ensure that personnel maintain capabilities.