Phase 1 Schedule


Now Applications window opens with the publication of the topic for the academic year. Teams can apply to express their interest or at least glean additional information concerning the competition by clicking the ‘APPLY’ tab. Teams that sign up by 27 September will be invited to participate in the Virtual Workshop, 3 October, where additional information concerning the competition and the technical subject will be provided.
October 10, 2023 Virtual Workshop: During this workshop, we will introduce the Radiance Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and they will provide a discussion on this year’s Innovation Bowl topic. We will then discuss the particulars of the Innovation Bowl report submissions and answer any questions that you may have. Following this, we would expect to have a firm idea of what teams are participating and we will post the names.
Interim Teams may ask questions at any time during Phase 1 through the ‘CONTACT” link.  We will provide responses back to all teams.
November 17, 2023 Final Phase I reports are due: We set this date so as not to conflict with finals and other end of semester school commitments.
December 16, 2023 Finalists announced during Half-Time of the Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl.  We will contact all participating teams with the results.


Phase 2 Schedule

January 24, 2024 Phase 2 Kick-off virtual meeting.  During this meeting we will discuss the objectives and goals of the Phase 2 effort along with the report format and how we will conduct the review.  Our SMEs will also be available to answer questions.
March 27, 2024 Final reports due.
Early April Final briefings will be coordinated with and presented at Radiance headquarters in Huntsville, AL in early April.  We will schedule the meeting to best accommodate all participating teams and SMEs.  Radiance will pay for travel in accordance with the rules (US Government travel regulations standard.)  Virtual attendance is also an option.