Phase 1 Schedule


September 12, 2022 Application/Expression of Interest Deadline: Teams apply to express their interest to participate or at least glean additional information concerning the competition before they commit by clicking the ‘APPLY’ tab on the menu. Teams that sign up by September 12, 2022 will be invited to participate in the First Virtual Workshop where additional information concerning the competition and the technical subject will be provided.
September 15, 2022 First Virtual Workshop: During this workshop, we will introduce the Radiance Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and they will provide a presentation on GEOINT. We will then discuss the particulars of the Innovation Bowl and answer any questions that you may have. Following this, we would expect to have a firm idea of what teams are participating and we will post the names.
September 16, 2022 Confirm team desire to participate: Following the First Virtual Workshop, teams should confirm their desire to participate. Teams will be emailed instructions for completing this step online.
October 13, 2022 Second Virtual Workshop: We will conduct a second workshop to serve as an interim project update to assess progress.  Our GEOINT SMEs will be available to answer questions and discuss and issues you may have. We will also go over the final report format.
November 15, 2022 Final reports are due: We set this date so as not to conflict with finals and other end of semester school commitments.
December 23, 2022 Finalists announced during the 2022 Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl


Phase 2 Schedule

March 31, 2023 Final Reports Due
~April 3-7, 2023 Final briefings will be presented at Radiance headquarters in Huntsville, AL sometime during this week