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Welcome to Radiance Technologies

Radiance Technologies is a premier small business, established in March 1999 in Huntsville, Alabama. We leverage our small-business ingenuity and large-business competencies to provide high-quality systems engineering; technology and prototype development, integration, and testing; and operational support for the Department of Defense (DoD), armed services, intelligence agencies, and other Government organizations. Since our founding, we have grown significantly in expertise, facilities, and personnel. Key to this growth is our ability to design, develop, fabricate, integrate, and test both components and systems. This end-to-end capability, supported by a strong operational team, enables us to provide a wide range of innovative solutions to our Government customers. As such, Radiance has repeatedly met the DoD’s increasing demand for innovative technology and has thus been recently honored by the Small Business Administration (SBA) with a Tibbetts Award, which is presented to companies who have advanced innovation and economic growth.

Based on the wide-ranging capabilities and experience developed over the past fifteen years, Radiance is organized into the following five groups:

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Cyber Solutions - Exploit, Analyze, Model, and Protect Military Systems to ensure the US dominates the traditional domains of land, air, space, and sea and the man-made domain of cyberspace.

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Engineering Services provides engineering, technology development, and prototype products including the transition of advanced technologies to the aviation, missile, and space communities.

Engineering Services and Prototyping

Integration & Prototyping provides the engineering and manufacturing expertise and facilities to design, develop, test, and deliver hardware systems to Government customers.

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Operational Intelligence provides a wide range of intelligence activities, including the integration and operational support of airborne ISR assets.

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Technical Intelligence - from MASINT, GEOINT, OSINT, covers the entire Technical Intelligence Spectrum.


Radiance is an employee-owned company founded with the idea of providing an environment, a benefits package, and a stock ownership plan that attracts and helps retain talented and motivated employees. The specific information in this website validates this philosophy.